Leading provider of utility contracting services
                  Specialists in ICP turnkey projects
                  Your prime partner for design, planning, and construction of telecommunications networks
                  Experienced partner in all forms of renewable energy generation projects
                  Electrical infrastructure projects, from design to final commissioning and testing
                  The complete contractor
                  IQA offer global capabilities and experience in infrastructure, telecoms network construction, domestic and commercial electrical contracting, renewable energy and power networks and provides the highest level of expertise to the UK market.
                  The complete contractor
                  真的有外星人吗?斯诺登曾去美国政府情报网求证,结论:没有:2021-10-24 · 【环球网报道 见习记者 朱海逸】世界上真的有外星人吗?美国中央情报局(CIA)和国家安全局(NSA)前雇员爱德华•斯诺登显然对此也很有兴趣。据美国 ...
                  Now IQA offers the regional telecommunication and engineering expertise of IQA coupled with the global experience and financial capabilities of Elecnor.
                  Specialist telecommunications and engineering contractor
                  OUTSTANDING PROJECT
                  CityFibre FTTH partner

                  We would like to announce our new project with leading FTTH provider, CityFibre, to install FTTH to over 103,000 homes and businesses in the city of Newcastle upon Tyne. For more information visit: 

                  Press release

                  CityFibre FTTH partner

                  The people's sense of belonging, talent, initiative and energy make the company continue ts growth in a sustainable and profitable manner, affording its customers “浏览器主页劫持”追踪:如何实现我的主页我做主_新闻中心 ...:2021-5-27 · 网友热议“浏览器主页劫持”—— 我的主页我做主(“浏览器主页劫持”报道追踪) 一名网民在专业IT技术社区CDSN网站发帖,讲述他在使用某些浏览器 ...

                  Elecnor Group

                  With 60 years of continuous growth and a presence in more than 50 countries, Elecnor has become one of the most outstanding spanish business groups and a benchmark in the 美媒:水土不服?外国初创伋业在中国为何会失败 - huanqiu.com:2021-5-25 · 创业孵化项目“中国加速”的项目总监奥斯卡·拉莫斯说:“99%的外国公司不应进入中国市场。 ”剩余的1%或许有机会,但它伊需要追问自己,是 ...

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